Allergan Sovereign® Phaco System

Ultrasonic phacoemulsification for the removal of cataracts has become the “gold standard” for cataract surgery. In phacoemulsification surgery, a small ultrasonic probe is inserted into a very small incision on the edge of the eye. This probe gently breaks the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and suctions the cataract out of the eye. Then, a folded intra-ocular lens (IOL) is inserted through the micro-incision, then unfolded and locked into permanent position. The small incision is self-sealing and usually requires no stitches. This type of incision heals quickly and provides a much more comfortable recuperation.

Patients in your parents’ or grandparent’s day had their cataracts removed in one piece with an incision that was a 180 degree arch over half the eye. Cataract surgery was delayed because it was risky and required months of recuperation. Today, with ultrasonic phacoemulsification, our patients have cataract surgery in the morning and can resume most of their normal activities the very next day.

Why we’ve invested in the Allergan Sovereign Phaco System:

  • The total power going into the eye is a fraction of what was used in previous methods of phacoemulsification, meaning less trauma to the eye and quicker recovery.
  • The Sovereign has an extremely smooth, high-vacuum pump run by a completely air-free system. There is no air in the tubing lines or in the cartridge that can cause inaccuracies.
  • During the surgery, the pump speeds up and slows down automatically to regulate pressure. No other pump does that.
  • All other pumps move forward only. The Sovereign’s pump moves forward and backward, dependent on the foot pedal, giving the surgeon greater control.
  • The Sovereign is very efficient and, as a result, surgical time is reduced.

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