Verisyse™ Phakic IOL

For patients who have moderate to severe nearsightedness and who are not ideal candidates for laser vision correction, the Verisyse Intraocular Lens (IOL) may be a viable option to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

The word “phakic” simply means the eye’s natural lens remains in place, unlike other procedures like refractive lens exchange or cataract surgery that remove the natural lens. Instead, the Verisyse lens is inserted through a micro-incision under the cornea and in front of the pupil where it is gently attached to the iris (color part of the eye). Placing it in the front part of the eye allows your natural lens to continue doing one of its primary functions, which is helping your eye adjust its focus between near and far objects.


The Verisyse is placed behind your cornea. You generally do not see or feel the lens once it is in place, and it can never slip or fall out.

The procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment and only takes 15 to 30 minutes. Only one eye is treated at a time. A local and/or IV anesthetic is given, so the procedure is virtually painless. Most patients realize a tremendous improvement in their vision the very next day.

Although the Verisyse lens is intended to remain in your eye permanently, the lens can be removed if desired. Once inside the eye, it is not noticeable and can never slip or fall out.

Why we offer the Verisyse Phakic IOL:

  • For those who are very nearsighted, procedures like Custom LASIK may not be an option.
  • The Verisyse Phakic IOL provides “precision vision:” high-quality, high definition vision.
  • The lens can be removed if desired.
  • The Verisyse has been successfully used in more than 150,000 procedures.
  • During the FDA clinical trials, more than 90 percent of the patients were satisfied with the Verisyse and said they would recommend it to a friend.